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This site was designed in response to the prevailing global dissonance and individual isolation.

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The Mandala Project is a series of graphically composed patterns born out of a fascination that started from the very first images that my eyes focused on and continues to this day. Born in the land of Persia, I first saw them in the similar patterns woven in the traditional carpets on the floors everywhere to the motifs on the ancient domed ceilings and identified them in historical structures belonging to ancient civilizations and natural formations from flowers to the spiral galaxies and at a closer look, everything else in between.
Mandalas share a common component of concentric circles around a central point a unifying symbol, referred to in Sanskrit as “a sacred circle” that contains archetypal connotations transcending cultural barriers and conventional indoctrination. It represents our inherent wholeness and interdependence. By sharing these personal compositions it is my hope that they will find resonance with people of varying backgrounds.

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Interactive Music & Mandala painting Workshops

In our Workshops we facilitate both individual projects (designing and painting your own Mandala) and creative collaboration between master Artists & Musicians with groups seeking interactive community building projects harboring creative inspiration and focused direction. Click for details and pics.

Mandala Galleries

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“Mandala” is the Sanskrit term for circular shapes…concentric circles that keep reappearing and reoccurring throughout our lives. A universal symbol and an archetype for wholeness, unity and interdependence of all things. A reappearing sign that confirms and acknowledges our connection to the infinite and the eternal.
“There is an inseparable relationship of every part to the whole.  It is this principle of oneness underlying the geometry of [Mandala] as evidenced by its ubiquitous and fractal nature, that permeates the architecture of all form in its myriad diversity.  It provides a portal or gateway to this principle of interconnectedness, inseparability and union inherent in all creation.”  “The inner eye which sees meaning in the context, relationship and form of everyday things continuously reminds us of our relationship to the whole, the master blueprint for the mind and heart to the sacred foundation of all things created.”

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